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UG is starting to take and fill in. I'll likely Fissidens the wood next to the Ludwigia sphaerocarpa(incorrect:L. pilosa) on the Right side to add some more contrast there.

Prior to hacking today:

I likely will fill in the L. tornado in the rear more.
I have some R vietnam in the Right corner that's growing fast and will contrast with the R wallichii.
I plan on having a pretty good sized bunch/patch of L senegalensis and in about 1-2 more weeks, it'll be a massive sight.
The L. sphaerocarpa(old incorrect pilosa) is a fast grower and does very well, better behaved for some reason that in the past. Easy for me to propagate.
S. belem is a decent plant in the rear. Might try something else other than it however.

The Rotala "sunset" is now in the 180 Gal and I'll keep it in the back ground. It does very well and can grow and branch all it wants in there.

Need to add some more fish.

Tom Barr
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