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Originally Posted by tylergvolk View Post
Crank the Co2 up and keep it stable and watch ur fish. You can turn off at night but should come on an hour before your photo period starts. The fish will tell you to turn it one notch down.

Next, reduce your photo period to 7 hours and asses.

Next, increase flow so there is no stagnant water

By doing these things you will see a significant difference.

Ok, I am going to try reducing my photoperiod and upping the co2. Currently, the drop checker is more blue-green, so I think I can push this more and see what happens.

Thanks for the help... I really appreciate it!

I also picked up some red-stemmed floating plants at the GSAS auction tonight, as well as 5 big amanos. They were working on a stem plant inside the bag at the auction... these guys mean business! Lets hope they do a better job eradicating the algae than I have.

interesting note: one of the amanos is berried. Sorry to say that I am not equipped with a hatching tank or salt water setup for the zoes. If the stress of the move doesn't cause her to loose the eggs, maybe I'll see if someone in the Seattle area can try to save the eggs.

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