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20g long "The Root Beginning"

hey everyone! , so im from RI and just started to become active on the forum and wanted to finally start a thread for my tanks now that im getting back into the scene. my 20g has been up and running for a couple of years now but with in the past few months have been really getting into the whole aquascaping stuff.

i just got my new 10g thats derimmed, started up tonight and hope to have a nice and planned out arrangement. on the hunt for plants right now probably going to try buying from other members on the forum any suggestions on what to look for would be great new to buying from forums. tomorrow ill have some pics of the start

20g L update 12/14/12

_DSC6288 by marioman72, on Flickr


_DSC6646 by marioman72, on Flickr


_DSC7052 by marioman72, on Flickr

so far heres what i have in my 20g:

ludwigia repens
rotala wallichii
Myriophyllum mattogrossense
crypt wendtii brown and green
E. tenellus
rotala corlata
lilaeopsis brasiliensis
hydrocotle sib.

cardinal tetras
amano shrimp
bazzilion cherry shrimp
tangerine tiger shrimp

Equipment and ferts:
marineland C-160 filter
coralife 24" 18wx2 on 10 hours a day
diy co2
fluorite and eco-complete with root tabs
i dose some excel, and pfretz every day

any input would be great thanks!

TANK failed and CRACKED 10g update: 12/12/2012

_DSC6276 by marioman72, on Flickr

last picture before its death 2/4/13

_DSC6645 by marioman72, on Flickr
hydrocotle sib.
Eleocharis acicularis
limnophilia aromatica

Equipment and ferts:
fluval plant/shrimp stratum with root tabs
24w coralife 18" light
DIY co2 with fluval disk diffuser
pfertz, excel daily dosages

10 maculata rasboras
12 wild green neons
6 otos
6 amano shrimp
15 PFR shrimp
5 pigmy cories

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