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That "Fish R Us" place just looks, I don't know, blah, I guess. Their sign is really cheap looking and their building looks very generic. I've passed it a few times but never cared to see what they have.

I've been to Pet Haven, but they pale in comparison to The Ark, and a lot of their fish are always sick. I also don't like how they treat their other animals (20 budgerigars in one tiny cage, so many rats in a filthy tank that they have to lay on one another with mixed genders and tons of babies, skinny, sickly lizards and guinea pigs housed in tanks so small they can barely turn around, with 4 or five to a cage) so I don't like to support them.

Again, my favorite store is the Ark but the PetSmart on route 30 also has unusually knowledgeable staff and very clean tanks, at least for a chain store, and cheap, healthy plants too. But the Petco directly across the street is pretty poor, algae-covered tanks, sometimes dead fish, and completely incompetent employees. But they have a lot of very nice

And don't get me started on the Petland right by them. Awful.
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