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So, I have begun dosing with flourish and flourish excel finally...

These tanks come with both biomax and carbon filter - I heard the carbon will eliminate the fertilizers. You guys agree?

So I took out the carbon bag and left the biomax, however I am wondering what I should do from here on out... replace that section in the sponge thing with another bag of the biomax (ceramic) or leave it out? What do you guys think?

Isn't the ceramic just for smell or something, no? Just wondering what the justification for the carbon is.

Any input is appreciated!

I am still waiting on more goodies to come in the mail but I finally got my equilibrium in, so I am trying to devise a schedule:

flourish: 1x week
flourish excel: 3 or 4x a week
equilibrium: every water change

Also, I am waiting on some more varied food for the shrimps (all borneowild) but also their minerax & vigor supplements... so I am wondering how I should fit those two into the schedule equation or if they are even necessary lol!

Oh and here are my parameters:

ph: 7.2
gh: 161 (9drops)
kh: 3 (3drops)
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