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Originally Posted by beginragnarok View Post
If you don't mind returning to the original post for a moment, I have an idea for you. I have used this paint mixer with a standard drill and it will make a maelstrom in a 5 gallon bucket. So dissolution should be attained in very little time, with little effort.

Just an idea...I use powertools whenever possible.

That is a good idea .. would be handy to mix up a big batch and then just pour into tank.

Since money is a little tight and I have so many other things I NEED to buy and the water tight container seemed to work good will stick with it for right now.

Originally Posted by Diana View Post
Most plants do not care what the levels are as long as the GH does not hit zero. They do need the Ca and Mg that are measured as GH.

You sure could go measure the lake where the fish were caught.
Bluegills are also found around here in several sorts of water, so I would not be surprised to find out they are quite adaptable.

If your system is working, do not make changes, just check that you are maintaining it, the conditions are stable.
I'll try to get to the lake (actually reservoir) but things are a bit hectic right now so may be a little while before I can make it.

So the key is to get it stable even if the KH & GH are only 1-2 degrees it's ok. ??? Problem is KH & GH seem to drop 1-2 degrees during the week then water change brings it back up a bit. Maybe I need to add GH booster & baking soda midweek also. Or do I not even need to worry with a 2-3 degree drop. Is that considered a significant change to cause a see-saw effect or problems?

Yesterday (11/13) I checked the KH/GH/PH (before adding anything as I wanted to see what changes they made).. readings were Kh=1 .. GH=3 .. Ph=6.8. So then added 1 tsp GH booster and 4 tsp of baking soda. Tested today about 24hrs later and KH=4 .. GH=3 ..PH=7.4. GH stayed same but the PH went up.

Does baking soda or GH booster cause the PH to rise? To me that seems a big change (is it ??) and might do more harm than good ???

And adding 4 tsps of baking soda brought KH up 3 degrees .. is that too fast of a change?

I'd really like to get the tank stable but not sure what is really considered "stable" .. exact same number test after test ... or KH/GH changes of 2 degrees not a big deal but changes of 4 or more degrees bad??
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