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Fluval Flora Canister and Lily Pipes

I finally got rid of all my tanks except my nano's. An edge and a flora. I'm moving out and need to simplify things but would like to finally get this flora nice instead of simply being a half done project.

Today I stepped on the lid and it made me start thinkin about how I was gonna get rid of the lid anyways for lily pipes.

I'm gonna put this tank on a wood stand made for a 24" cube tank and it'll have a particle board rim all around the bottom of it, so i'll drill holes in it and put a canister inside the stand.

Can anyone recommend a canister that will still pump strong if sitting on the floor? (I could maybe build a rack to put something like a zoomed directly under the tank).

I have a marineland c-160 and would love to use that so I don't have to spend money on anything else but i'm almost certain it'll way overpower the tank.

I need to spend as little as possible while getting the job done.

Also I need some good lily pipes that aren't gonna break while being as cheap as possible. Recommendations?
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