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Here's the same thing I posted in my other thread (specifically to gather information on how to breed Dario Dario)

Thanks guys. Fortunately I think my problems are solved.

I know for sure that at least the male ate a piece of frozen blood worm, brine shrimp, and golden pearls (not sure if it was golden pearls or something else from the mixture of filter foods I fed, but he ate it) and I assume the female also did this, but I can't be sure.

Do you guys think I need to also get live grindal worms or is frozen sufficient?

How often should I feed these guys?

Unfortunately, I think the "eggs" are just algae lol. It's hard to be sure, but if they don't hatch tomorrow they probably aren't eggs. Also, the mass is solid and milky white and doesn't match the picture you provided.

The last picture shows what I thought was possibly eggs. Its attached to the underneath of the driftwood.

Here's some phone pictures (I'll try and whip out the "nice" camera sometime and show the forum some quality photos).

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