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Thanks, I appreciate the advice. These tanks were pretty much being disposed of originally, I found them and took them under my wing... I'm not against the water bridge idea, but it would be a last resort. If I end up not joining them into a larger tank I will likely leave them as separate environments.

I just like solving puzzles and tackling challenges, this it's definitely a challenge (and I'm quite handy). I would never do anything unless I knew for certain it wouldn't explode all over the place. And I would never bring it inside without thoroughly testing first. I would also have a backup plan if something DID go wrong, I can't have my fish in 5 gallon buckets while I try to figure out what to do with them

But I like these comments too, they keep me thinking
Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
Combing 2 pieces for the sides or the front is not going to work at all. The seam will be the weak point and burst half way through filling it, if that. It may work in the linked build, but she only did it on the bottom, not the sides. Silicone 2 pieces of glass next to each other and watch how easy you can bend it.

Instead of being able to setup 2 55gals for your fish and inverts, you are going to have 10 pieces of glass and no tank. Be happy with the 2 55gals, work on a bridge system, save for a new tank, something but don't destroy 2 tanks in something that isn't going to work.

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