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Newb looking for advice

My tank has been up for a wile now and i think things are going alright. Here is a little background of my tank, its a 34g cube, 2 bags of EC, 2x12" truluman led strips on for 9 hours a day, G3 filter and a 300watt inline heater with controller set to 77deg. I have 2 angles, 5 neon's, 2 cory cats and a lone guppy(the guppy is my sons fish). For plants there is a jungle val, amazon sword, hornworth(not sure how to spell it) java fern, dwarf hair grass. My parameters PH=7. KH=3, GH=6, ammonia nitrate nitrite all 0, EC around 500(G3 gives this spec). Is there any thing els i should be testing for? I swap out the mechanical filter every 2 weeks, swap out 2 bags of purigen in the chemical basket once a month, and rinse the bio and canister every 6 months with tank water. I am doing a 5gal water change about every 10 days, using Poland spring or deer park witch ever is on sale because my tap has lots of mettle and chlorine in it. I put between 5-10ml of api liquid co2 every day when lights come on and 30ml of api leaf zone at water changes. That was the only ferts i could find locally, now i can get flourish at a new store that just opened. Would it be better to switch to flourish, if so will that replace liquid co2 and leaf zone? Or should i just keep doing what i am doing because it seems to be working, things are growing water is clear and fish seem happy.

just planter the hair grass hasent filled in yet

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