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Originally Posted by Couesfanatic View Post
Anyone else? Still don't know where to go to find someone with experience building them. I might just get a random woodworker to build it but I would rather have someone that has built an Ada stand before.
I built my 60P stand but I'm no woodworker by any means and it cost me way more than it would have had I just asked someone to build me one most likely.

I've got the Google Sketchup plans I created to build it though if you like the looks of mine and would like to ask a woodworker to build it. Most of the cost of mine was in the black walnut I used for the face of it, also, I learned after the fact that I should have used Ply rather than MDF but I shellacked the crap out of the inside so I haven't had to deal with any moisture issues yet.

There are photos of my construction and finished product in my thread here, second post down:
ADA 60p - "Oregon" - updated 5/10/2012

p.s. I totally want some of your belem if you still have any, mine isn't looking too healthy and is filled with hair grass, I think I need to just pull it up and rescape w/ fresh e. belem.

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