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Well, my kH is really high, and GH just slightly high. I'm sure I'm over 200-250 TDS at least. So the idea of watching TDS and adding RO water could be one of the "keys". I have noticed most of the guys who run really high light tanks successfully (Tom, Speedie, etc.) all have pretty soft water. I also know when I was at my parents house with this tank (they have well water and it's reasonably soft too) I didn't have these issues. Both places I've lived with municipal water systems, BBA has been an issue from the get-go. And I haven't done anything drastically different from place to place.

It IS probably time to clean the filters.

I put a large plant mass in within the first week (big order from I'm running purigen in the 2217. The 2217 was used to re-establish the bio from the very beginning (it was running on the tank pre-move.)

I have cut back on the lighting, and I got home early enough today to see it. It looks like the BBA is simply holding ground but not spreading like it was. That's good.

I'm having issues with my Ludwiga Glandulosa dropping leaves and having a bare stem at the bottom. What can I do to help with that? I thought that was a light issue and obviously I can't add more light..... so what to do?
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