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Wild caught Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus). Never saw any specific parameters for GH for them... not even on the NANFA forums. Just that they're very adaptable, not very picky and very hardy. I'll check into it further though. Maybe drive down to the lake, get some water and check it's parameters.

They've been in my aquariums for just about 1 year now and only started checking the GH/KH a couple months ago. I'd say they may have adapted to the low GH/KH by now since my tap is only 3 degrees. The tank has only been planted for about 6-7 months though (was underplanted .. didn't buy enough to start with but they've grown out now). I'd say both the GH/KH stayed low doing weekly and sometimes 2x/week water changes.

So given this info do I need to even worry about correcting/adjusting the GH/KH?? Or would the plants do better with specific parameters? Mostly Anacharis, Water Wisteria, Water Sprite, green Cabomba, ludwigia repens, 1 Red Rubin Sword and some Spiral Vals. Sword and Vals do the worst. The sword grows lots of leaves but they don't grow up just stay low. The Vals don't seem to grow very quick or tall but they are doing better now with the new substrate. The rest doing good. Growing about the right speed for me wanting to stay somewhat lower maintenance.
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