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Originally Posted by VivaDaWolf View Post
Oh...pacific had these 'lamp eyes'.. near the tanks where the neon blue rasboras are... any idea what species they are? Thought they were like mine, but my aunt bought some and they look more like rice fish- theyve got blue eyes, pale greyish body but the orange on the caudal fins. Very long bodies, sharp mouth

Uncle had begged me to give him my normans lampeyes..finally gave him 2 begrudgingly... told him about pacific, so thats why he picked em up..and theyre not even the same species. X( He bought 3 of the neon blues and unfortunately, MY lampeye- probably the male has ripped the tails off of the One already died, not sure about the other 2 today but they were not looking too good last night. Never thought of them as aggressive fish but the neons are half the size of him too.

My nano fish seemed okay, Ive always had a problem with some fin loss...and I attributed it to poor water quality...I have a very very very sad pygmy cory with absolutely no tail at all (every other cory is okay)... some minor loss on the clown killies, occasionally some on the lampeyes but they grow back fast. Now Im wondering if its nipping thats causing it. I dont see any other symptoms like fish being lethargic, sickly... just.. bad caudal fins.
The fish at Pacific seemed to be Oryzias celebensis. I googled images of "Oryzias" , & celebensis was the only one with the two black streaks on the tail fin like the ones at Pacific. They didn't look particularly healthy. Win had actual lampeyes. They looked like Norman's lampeyes at first glance, but their bodies were more blue than yellow. Maybe Poropanchax macrophthalmus?
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