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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Is there any reason why you are running a 9 hour photo period?

CO2 levels are about right. Do you start the CO2 30 before light on and stop 30 min after light off?

I think you can make a noticible dent in the algae by cutting back the light period to 7 hours without changing much else. If you were to troubleshoot this, change only 1 variable at a time and let the tank adjust over a few days to assess effectiveness.
Thanks for the reply! I was actually thinking of doing CO2 24/7 at a lower constant level to help stabilize the pH for the shrimp & fish, but also because I've heard that I need to feed the other plants so they can successfully compete with the algae. Now I'm not sure. My hc is just starting to come back after the initial melting. I'd hate to do anything that would hurt it.

I'm currently using a timer which has plugins for day, night or on all the time outlets. So, with this configuration it turns the CO2 on/off at the same as the lights.

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