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Make Frank Work like a Horse! Container Arrival

Make Frank Work Like a Horse for Christmas!

That's right, the Christmas season is coming up, and the container from Japan is due to hit Long Beach on December 10th, what that means is that all said and done, the container should arrive and be processed in Houston by December 20th. And it's your chance to wreck havoc on my holiday season!

Just in time for Christmas.

What that means is I'll be spending much of my time working to process the container and get everything shipped out before the big 2-5 of December.

So while I'm working anyway, you might as well make it worth my while to avoid having to go back and meet the folks a day or two earlier for holiday family shenanigans. I mean, it gets lonely while being at the office and everyone else is already gone for the holidays...drinking egg nog and feasting know what? Screw you guys, I'm joining forces with the Grinch and Eric Cartman to steal your Christmas now.

What's arriving? See the answer below.

Sizzling Substrate:

Power Sand Special S
Power Sand Special M
Power Sand Special L

Filter Fun Stuff:

Super Jet ES-600
Super Jet ES-600 Anniversary
Bio Cube 20
NA Carbon
Bio Rio

Frantically Fertilizing for Plants:

Brighty K
Green Brighty Step 1
Green Brighty Step 2
Green Brighty Step 3
Green Brighty Special Lights
Green Brighty Special Shade
Green Bacter

Amazing Aquarium Revelry:

Cube Garden 60-P
Cube Garden 45-P (New! for Aquasky 451!)
Cube Garden Mini M
Cube Garden NEW Mini S (30cm for AQUASKY)
Cube Garden 30-C
Cube Garden 120-P
Cube Garden 90-P
Cube Garden 120-H
Cube Garden 60-F

Happening Hardscapes:

Branch Wood S-L sizes
Horn Wood S-M sizes

Unzan Stone (this will go quickly as there's a limited supply)
Ryuoh Stone
Manten Stone

Awesome New AQUASKY LED Lights:

AQUASKY 301 (for 30cm aquariums)
AQUASKY 361 (for Mini M / 36cm aquariums)
AQUASKY 451 (for 45cm aquariums, Mini L, 45-P, 45-F)
AQUASKY 601 (for 60cm aquariums, 60-F, low-light 60-P, etc)
AQUASKY 602 (for 60cm aquariums, 60-P standard - high light or combine both 602 + 601 for extra intensity)

Schedule your Year out Old-School Style:

Nature Aquarium Calendar 2013

Okay, so the world's moved on to keeping time on devices that like to annoy us with beeps to let us know about things we've scheduled, but in case you'd like to feel the nostalgia of writing dates and plans down on a piece of paper to hang on your wall, you may as well do it with the Nature Aquarium Calendar.

Although, really? It's just some pretty pictures to hang up in your home or office. And if you're going to put up pretty pictures on a calendar, it may as well be of some kick-ass Amano Layouts! I wouldn't actually write on it - I mean, I don't know about you, but I remember how much of a pain it used to be to write in little script stuff you were supposed to do but then never actually looked at the calendar for anyway.

Maybe the beeps on iCal or Outlook Calendar with automatic meeting reminders are better anyway.

In any event, take yourself over to - our system allows for reservations to ensure speedy delivery on the container arrival, and any order placed after the 20th of December will probably be delayed until after Christmas.

Best Regards,

-Frank Wazeter

P.S. This post is meant to be light hearted - you won't really ruin my Christmas. Unless you're actually the Grinch. Then you might ruin my Christmas.

P.P.S. send me an email at or a private message here (click on my name to the left) for any special requests or the like to get ahead of the season.

P.P.P.S. I just remembered, the world is supposed to end before Christmas this year anyway. Oh well.
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