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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Hey, what are some signs that your Co2 needs a refill? Beside the whole EOTD, do you guys usually wait for it to go below 500 psi? Or will it just rapidly drain down to zero?

It is still heavy and there is liquid inside, no idea how much though. Everything is stable, working pressure didn't go up and bubble count reminds the same.

Do you guys wait till it almost gone, like 20% then refill? I'm trying to avoid the EOTD and I don't mind losing 15- 20 % of the reminding Co2.
When your high pressure gauge starts to show a decrease in gas pressure, you are reaching the end of your cylinder.

I use a dual stage regulator, so I wait until the cylinder is completely empty.

Some people refill once they start noticing a decrease in pressure (the pressure drops to (say) 500-600 PSI).


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