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Originally Posted by OVT View Post
These guys all look ok for now. Remember, I put the same plants in multiple separate bags just in case this happens.

Do plant lotus as soon as you can.

The guys in the 1st and 3rd pictures are S. repens - your foreground plants. The tops look healthy and green enough. Remove the bottom damaged leaves. If you look at each plant, you will see that most of the roots are growing on one side - that's the side you want to plant, a bit at a diagonal angle. Some of them will keep floating up, you can put a little bit of substrate on the leaves to keep them down.

Looks like the plant rescue is well underway GJ, Amanda.

Am I the only one crazy enough to ship plants to Alaska in the middle of November? They all come from pretty healthy stock and I fed them extra humburgers before I sen them to you. So, the'd better recover...or...else...
HaHa! Things would have been fine if the Postal Service would have processed the package as scheduled...and since they didn't and let it sit, closed for the Holiday didn't help.
The extra hamburgers must have given them the edge they needed to survive a week a box! Thank you!!!!

I couldn't have gotten where I am in this rescue without your amazing directions! So, GJ to you

Thank you for sending these to me. I have plants now! (For the time being...if they all pull through; fingers and toes crossed!)

Oh...and Lotus has been planted for 3 hours I believe. Man did time fly!
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