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Can Someone Please Tell Me Why My Plants Are Sucking?

Greetings my fellow plant growers (or in my case algae grower)! I moved from a 15 high to a 20 high about three months ago, ordered a bunch of sweet plants, got the good substrate (I think...), tried to do it all right from the get go this time. Well... My plants & moss are not dead, so thats good, but they are very sick and stagnant. I am seeing new growth, but the crypts are melting, anubias is super stagnant, cabomba won't even grow, and my freaking amazon swords are even barely hangin in there..

Here is some (beautiful) photos to put my words into a better understanding...

Classic Tank Shot:

Sick Anubias Nana:

Sick Swords:

Sick Crypt Parva with EVIL SNAIL that I think might be the cause? Anyone?:

But, at least my fish are happy and healthy :

Ok so I finally got the energy to make a thread to inquire the help of TPT forum. So, what do you guys think I should do/not do? Ask questions about my setup as I know you will..

Thanks, and hey, happy fishkeepin'
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