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ADA 60H "Rage"

Just finished setting up my ADA 60h at my new apartment. This tank was formerly my reef tank but I got tired of reefing and not having a car anymore makes buying salt water really annoying, hard to carry 5 gallon jugs on the bus full of salt water. I decided to go back to planted tanks.

Since the tank was drilled for a sump, I went with a wet dry filter, and sealed up the wet dry chamber with duct tape to make it into a co2 reactor of sorts.

The inspiration for the scape came from The Green Machine in UK's scape - "Nature's Chaos"
The volcano idea was so awesome, and so different I had to try it out.

Lighting is my custom LED light using the maker's LED kit from

Plant list:
dwarf hairgrass belem
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
Starougyne Sp. 49
Limnophilia sp. vietnam
Hygrophilia sp. red
Rotala magenta
Ludwigia Inclinata sp. Tornado
mini pelia
fissidens fontanus

Anyways, onto pictures.

Bacter 100 laid down. Yes, that is an mp10 on a 20 gallon planted tank. Overkill? Nah.

1.5 9 liter bags of ADA amazonia new type


Anubias nana petite and mini pelia added to the crevices in the rock

HC stuffed into the cracks. I left the HC on the rock wool and stuffed it in, got this idea from the green machine too


Rotala magenta sticking out from the "mouth" of the volcano, my plan is to have all red plants here, and it'll look like an erupting volcano


Purigen reactor using a 2 little fishies phosban150 reactor

CO2 injected into the wet dry chamber

A little cloudy but a few water changes will take care of this

I still need to add some more stems but other than that, I'm very happy with this scape, can't wait to see how it pans out.

I still need to set up the background, and the auto top off and auto dosers but I'm too tired tonight.

Thanks for looking!!
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