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balancing a new setup | leave CO2 on 24/7?

My 7g nano is currently 6 weeks old and I'm trying to figure out the correct dosing + lighting + CO2 needed. Currently, I'm battling a new algae that began last week. So far, I've tried manual removal with an air line tube, and water changes 3x/week, but the algae seems to be growing in faster and denser each time. The diatom algae has also bloomed this week into green algae (on the glass).

Here's the setup:

  • 7g w/ eheim 2210 filter (filled with bio balls; replaced carbon w/ purigen this week)
  • Ada Aquasky LED light suspended 8" above water level; photoperiod 9 hrs.
  • CO2 injected w/ Do!Aqua mini diffuser @ 1-2 bps; previously on for 9hrs, but am thinking of keeping it on full time. See comments below.
  • Ada Aquasoil new Amazonia substrate
fauna + flora
  • dhg, hc, dwarf red lily and clover
  • rasbora maculatas x11, danio erythromicron x5, corydoras pygmaeus x5
  • amano shrimp x3, bee shrimp x2
dosing + parameters

  • 1 pump/daily each: Ada Brighly K and Step 1
  • water changes every 2-3 days, & remove algae manually
  • GH 30ppm, KH 40ppm, pH 6.3, NO2 0ppm, NO3 15ppm

The fish and shrimp seem to be eating & doing well. (with the exception of one off-colored amano, who acts fine, but is... orangish.)

The dwarf hair grass seems to be doing fine too. It's grown back nicely from it's initial trim and only has a bit of algae on the tips of some grass blades.

The hc was fine for the first 3-4 weeks, but then began yellowing and browning. I think it was acclimating. At 4 weeks, I added fauna... which in hindsight was not good timing on my part. This is when the algae crept in.

Currently, the hc is getting infested more and more each day, as are the dwarf red lily and clover leaves. Today, I did another water change, used the air line tubing to vacuum out as much of the algae as possible, and trimmed as much of the brown and algae ridden hc & plants.

I'm thinking of leaving my CO2 injecting 24/7 to see if this helps not only the hc recover faster but also helps my pH stay more stable for the shrimp & fish. I've reduced the flow to 1-2 bps.

Is this a good idea? bad idea? other thoughts on whether my dosing is correct or if I should be doing something else?

Thanks in advance for any help!

here's what the tank currently looks like:

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