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Green_Flash, sorry about that, I didn't realize someone replied to the thread.

I ordered a few through a distributor of the farm. I believe the last list had 75 different variations of Buces and Aroids. It was brought in with a group order (the only way you can order from the distributor), which went through inspections. I've since acquired 4 new species for the holding tank and 1 more for Elysium.

I ordered 2 602's but the cali distributor for Aquascapes only had 601's and I picked up 1. I'm waiting for the 602 to come in and I'll buy that as well. So I'll take PAR and Lux readings for both when I have each in hand. The 601 now rests on Elysium. Hopefully my 20th anniversary ADA tools come in this week. Otherwise, I'll have to wait for Jojo to come back from his vacation.

I completed extensive pruning this past weekend. Hope I can get a picture up soon.

Btw, Elysium refers to the Elysian Fields. Where those judged worthy enjoy perfect happiness in the afterlife. Ultimately, I'd love to see multiple blooms, especially the yellows which most represent the golden flowers of lore. I thought it (the name) eye catching and well suited for a field of flowers.

Tank 1 - Elysium
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