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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Flourish. It's expensive and weak.

You can get the same thing by buying a pound of CSMB for $5 or $6 to make gallons upon gallons upon gallons.

That's one example.
Is it possible or a good idea to scoop some dry fertilizer and dump it directly into the tank? And by example I was hoping for the name of a particular product so I can google it and look at photos of what it's like...and how it's applied.. Would "root tabs" be an example of this? When I hear someone tell me about "Dry FERTS" I think of a poweder like crystalized substance... I don't know lol visuals help me for some reason so -

I just want to know how people use their' dry fertilizer, I think I'll want to make my' own solutions in bottles... - another thing I'd like to know is if and or where one would suggest getting the best possible deal on such things... at the end of all this I want a nice array of choices for different applications available to me that'll last at least about a year.
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