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Originally Posted by Gold Finger View Post
The real scientific studies on nitrogen reducing bacteria like the ones in our tanks is done by folks studying waste water treatment plants. These are BIG money crucial endeavours. If you google it you will find that these all of these studies find that all of these bacteria reproduce much much faster in the low eighties. Move your temp above eighty and those populations will reach full levels real fast. Otionally, you could try Seachem's Stability. It uses a sepcial waterborne bacteria which you add every day for a week. This bacteria takes care of the excess ammonia and nitrite so you can add all of your fish on day one. The lower ammonia and nitrite levels allow your filter bacs to establish faster. I have only done this once, but it worked for me that one time. I watched the levels like a hawk because I thought it must be a hoax, but I barely saw any form of nitrogen until the tank was fully cycled (8 days) and producing tons of nitrate. Also, stem plants like rotals sp. and Hornwort grow the fastest in low light.
Ah thanks for the wonderful information! I am not even sure I have low light. I must admit I am lost when it comes to this new lighting. I am from the old school watts per gallon rule but I hear things are different now (sorry not sure what the new rule of thumb is or if there is even such a thing now). I have the Aqueon Evolve 8 and the light comes with 30 white LED's and 5 blue ones
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