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Freph, Hoppy, thanks for confirming what I thought was true xD

Hoppy The Rooted plants are the only ones which benefit from this am I correct (the water column and rooted ferts) or would there be a sizeable benefit from throwing a few root tabs on that side?

Jeff - Whew I had a time of it there for a while, I battled it when the tank was lo-tech and when I started transitioning to high tech it really took off >< after a lot of research I did a MASSIVE trim and anything which was covered in it leaf wise i trimmed off, anything with some light remnants there I left. I then took the affected driftwood and rocks out of the tank and put them into a large pot with de-chlorinated water and took out a baby dosing syringe and started dosing anything with algae on it...let it sit for 30 min, returned it to tank and rinse and repeat. After about 24 hours any left algae turned bright red/pink to white and is now gone. I noticed a few small spots tonight in my xmas moss that I had missed so it's going to be getting the excel treatment again here pretty soon if it doesn't turn around. Then for about a week I double dosed with the excel in the tank every day (which will kill your vals so if you have them don't dose so heavily I found out the hard way). I was having some light green algae on the glass as well but thanks to an awesome RAOK a week or so back those little bristlenoses have been very very busy and keeping the tank spotless!

I did one more heavy trim tonight to make sure all of the affected plants were bba free and will excel dose the xmas moss again tonight but so far I'm out of the woods. I have also adjusted my fert dosing to a slightly modified (smaller) amount because of the reduced plant mass and changed the photo period to 4h on, 4h off, 4h on, 8h off and it's seemed to be doing alright
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