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I read through Discuspauls beginners guide, and it was very informative. It was great to read that I will be able to keep discus with minimal adjustment to my normal routine. So the few kinks I need to work out now are proper stocking, no matter what I would like to keep the current stock of the 29, in the 90. Which includes the 2 angels, black neons, roselines, rummey nose, harlequin rasboras, sterbai, and 1 sm rubber lip pleco. So I am hoping that the 2 angels will get along swimmingly with the discus, and ideally I would really like to get larger schools of roselines, rummy nose, and sterbai. Would discus be happy in a group of 5? I have read they are better in even numbers. Meaning that my prefered stocking list would be as follows. 2 blush angels, 5 discus, 4roselines, 7 rasboras, 5 black neons, 10 rummy nose, 8 sterbai, 1 rubber lip. I know it sounds awfully overstocked for a planted aquarium. I am hoping the sump really filters through the tank, and I can keep nitrates low. I will gladly do 2 50gallon water changes a week. Other concerns arise concerning heat tolerant plants, and of course getting discus and plants shipped to the current tundra that is North Dakota. On the bright side of it all, I got the pvc overflow put together and painted with krylon fusion. I got the wet/dry trickle filter put together and siliconed as well as the sump and return. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get them home and setup. Then I am going to cycle some water in the system for a few days to get the kinks worked out, then put in my order for driftwood, ferts, plants, any suggestions????? I have book marked green leaf aquariums for their driftwood... No lfs near me carries proper driftwood, or equipment for plant specific aquariums. We have a great local reef shop, but no plants.
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