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Originally Posted by ADJAquariums View Post
Hmm it doesnt appear like my Co2 bottles are producing any CO2 unless i shake it rigourously for like 10 minutes and then its only like 5 minutes its going, im using 1/2 tsp of yeast and Baking soda, 2 cups of sugar, 2L of warm water and waiting an hour for the yeast to acctivate, anyuthing wrong here or is it my flaw? might try shortining the tubing from generator to my second bottle where the CO2 gets seperated from any bad "stuff that comes with it
I use the same mixture as you. If you ever need to test a bottle, fill a pot with warm water (~95 degrees) and let the bottle float in it (without tipping over) for a few minutes. Yeast metabolism goes absolutely gangbuster with a slight increase in temperature (that's why we use it make bread rise quickly in an oven). If you still don't see any bubbles after a good 20 minutes, the mix is used up or the bottle is leaking. I can get lots of bubbles using this method even when I freshly mix a batch and test it less than an hour later.
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