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Originally Posted by Bluek24a4 View Post
Albert, I appreciate the thought, but I didn't sustain nearly the losses that Joe did, so anything we pool together should go to him when hes ready and any other members who sustained heavy losses.

Joe, what happened in our area was awful. My area got hit pretty bad, and then I saw Broad Channel, Rockaways, and Breezy Point and it was somehow even worse. Im sorry to hear about your condo. I didnt get my power/heat back until Friday. I don't know if you guys have hot water down there, and I dont think you do, but doing water changes with hot water can help keep the temps up. Thats what I did for two weeks with my community tank.
Thanks mike. For a little bit I was going to my neighbors, they had gas, heating some water and adding it to the tank in water bottles. But I wasn't staying home at night so the temp would just drop super low anyway. Anyway, I have some ideas on how to keep my tanks and other things running in event of a disaster. This thing taught me a huge lesson that's for sure.
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