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SO LFS guy says "column fert = waste" ??

So I was at the LFS today getting some stuff to replace the plants that I melted with excel in my war on BBA (woot I beat the BBA though.....) so while I was there he asked how I was feeding and I told him that I had root ferts for my vals and my swords and that I was using liquid ferts for the rest and he told me that all of those ferts are a waste and that it was all for algae.....

Now I'm thinking hmmmm hes tryin to sell me something but he didn't....

Correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the assumption that java fern, xmas moss, flame moss, and others feed from the water since there's nothing in the line of a root system there?

My other reason for asking this is I'm getting close to being ready to re-up my ferts here in about a month.

For those of you wondering the last batch I got from colin and I felt that they have done a wonderful job (much better than the leaf zone I was using) I just want to make sure I'm on the right path here with the high tech setup
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