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Originally Posted by Shimagoma View Post
would love to see updates!

also was thinking, some kind of small frog might actually be good here! Or finding an interesting invert to put in it? maybe some kind of surface bugs ect. something extra delicate. Dendro boards might have other info..hmmm!
I was thinking frog as well. I am a member on dendroboarddotcom and they said it was too small for any frogs, including a native spring peeper.

An invert might be interesting, not sure what I would put in there though, it would almost have to be aquatic. I dont really like the idea of small ornamental shrimp, they seem too fragile for a tank like this. Maybe once I add some plants.

I have three Tricopsis pumila in there - but I am assuming that one will become dominant. So far so good - its been over a week and no signs of aggression and all three are still alive. Have not gotten them to feed yet though however.

Originally Posted by horsedude View Post
thats awsome
please could you show us some more PIC's
nice job!
Thank you very much...those plants I ordered still havent arrived, and I havent added any plants for the top. I think that eventually I will have a very small bromeliad growing out the top of it. A couple mosses and maybe an orchid as well.
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