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Breaking down tanks soon - free plants

See the latest update on my journal for the -->

I will be forced to tear down two tanks. I want to show my thanks to the people of tpt and the new york aquatic family. So I want to give away my plants. No room where im staying right now to start anything new. My tanks are sort of in stasis right now. blacked out and cold. but amazingly the plants are doing ok. list of plants include,
Rotala Rotundofolia
various crypts, most wendtii and petchii
dwarf sag
jungle val
bacopa caroliniaa
moss mixed with suberwassertang
some ludwigia red
frogbit and duckweed
some blyxa too if its not in bad shape...have to see

Ideally I would like to get rid of all of it at the same time. between work and all the things I have going on with my place I will not have time to meet different people for a few plants. I can meet you anywhere during the week or you can pick it up this weekend after Saturday in sheepshead bay. Im just looking to put the place in a new home I would hate to throw everything out.

thank again

FrroK (Joe)
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