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Originally Posted by biogenetic40379 View Post
Keep the videos coming (that was really cool) I want my tank to be one of a kind and a local show stopper.

6.) Gotta plumb the pvc/ sump

Isn't that tank in the video amazing . Interesting layout, how it's bermed on the sides like that. Love the river stones too. Check their website out, it's all inspiring stuff.

IME, play sand has a high amount of silica in it. I used it for a tank a while back, and had a 3 month diatom bloom . It was eternal and rediculous. White sand reflects more light (which could be a good thing or bad thing) Black sand hides algae and diatoms. Brings the color out more in fish and plants.

When you get the glass cut for the sump, keep in mind to try to seal the sump as much as possible. I used weather stripping, rubber grommets, and tape on the seams. From my current tank, I've had issues with the CO2 offgassing via the pvc overflow and the sump. Try to make it as airtight as possible )tubing, wires, etc. You'll save yourself headache and wasted gas.

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