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It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this update today. As I will soon have to break this tank down. As some of you may or may not know. I live the Rockaways in NYC. We were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. People have lost homes and possessions and the community is struggling to clean up and rebuild. my girlfriend and I own a Condo(just purchased in late June) on the shore in Rockaway. We were fortunate enough to still have a home left standing but it has sustained severe damage. My basement was flooded to the point that it filled with water all the way to the first floor. We actually had a few inches of water in the first level from water coming in from the basement. No water ever came in from anywhere else luckily. So, our furniture from the first floor was spared. I did lose a washer/dryer, futon, 20L emmersed setup, DVDs and some other random stuff. Luckily we brought the important stuff like our TV and some clothes up to the main level. I also had my surfboard quiver down there but that was ok. the water rose very slowly I'm assuming. In the process I lost most of my fish. I did have battery operated pumps for the power outage but I assumed that I would not last long. Well a week went by and still no power and temps were dropping! Fish were fine so I didn't think to move them yet. Still holding out hope for the power to come back on. Well temps dropped even further. I lost all my pygmy cories(6), my family of endlers about 5-6 and an otto. I was able to save some fish from my other tank, 3 platys, a betta, an amano and my remaining male cherry shrimp. I was shocked that the fish survived in below 50 degree water temps! by the way, I didn not have access to a generator. so heaters were not an option. All the power was being used to pump out our basement.

Anyway, Rockaway is still without power and I have been staying with Family in nearby Brooklyn. Traveling everyday back and forth cleaning out what I could. We've gutted the entire basement and part of the first floor, with the help of volunteers from the Rockaway Beach Surf Club and OccupySandy. Found out a few days ago that our wood floors will have to be replaced as well. Which means that all our stuff will have to go in storage while they re-do the flooring. So, my tanks will have to be broken down because I will not have room where I'm staying to run the tanks. Im really sad..... BUT

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I titled this as "What has a beginning must have and end" But it is also true that a begining must have and end...must also have a NEW BEGINNING! We will rebuild, not just me but the rockaway peninsula! And I will have tanks again. I was already planning a big tank, most likely a 120p. So when I come back, I will be more inspired than ever to create something awesome. Im really stoked on that end. So thanks for following me. I will most likely not be on much, because I have so much going on. thank you tpt!

pic below is whats left of the boardwalk. just a skeleton now.
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