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Originally Posted by wheatiesl337 View Post
You can try playing with your photo-period some. It looks like you have a light running 8 hours? Might knock this down some and see if that helps. I would also put the light on a timer if it is not already. Increased plant load probably wouldn't hurt, though I doubt water-changes will do the trick (having had massive thread algea issues in the past myself). How is circulation in the tank?

When approaching algea problems, I almost always consider lighting issues first before chasing around other potential culprits.
The light has been on about 8 hours a day. I will try decreasing it a bit and see if that helps. I will see if I can get a cheep timer next time we go in to town. I think water circulation is good I can see the dwarf hair grass on the other side of the tank moving around some in the current. I do have the outflow baffled a bit (a piece of filter sponge with some moss growing on it stuffed in the outflow) because the outflow was up rooting my dwarf hair grass. Someone gifted us with the different mosses so that helped us a lot budget wise. Not much to choose from plant wise at the local fish store. I got the dwarf hair grass there and another plant that turned out not to be an aquatic plant so we wasted some there. So we were thankful when someone gifted us the moss. I hope it will grow enough so that I can offer some up in a ROAK. I will try doing a little extra water change just in-case it will help. We are hoping to add some shrimp and a few fish. I think the shrimp will help keep the moss clean. But we have to find some
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