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Originally Posted by urbguy View Post
I don't think a Marimo ball will do it. When I say out compete, I mean it will take up nutrients faster than the algae would, I don't think a marimo will have the capability since they are insanely slow growing. Since your tank is set up for low tech, why not look at some low light plants?

Excellent List of Low Light Plants

If not, physically removing it is your best bet.
Thanks for the help. I forgot to mention that i have some dwarf hair grass that Is starting to take root. it was the kind in a pot and has had some trouble getting acclimated to our tank i did notice some green growth today so I am hopeful. We wouldn't mind adding some other plants though I have even been playing with the idea of planting our hob. Its a home school project and we are doing it on a We don't have to many plant options at our local fish store. For now I will keep removing it when ever we find it tell we get some other plants
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