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keep in mind that this might not turn out the way you want it to. We all envision something big and spectacular as our first venture into many things only to find out our expectations was too high. I started keeping fish in the 7th grade and it took me about 5 years to figure out what i was doing wrong...granted it was the pre internet age for me. But there's certain things that you will only learn from trial and errors. Know that even with the best of the best, there has to be an understanding of how everything works to successfully recreate an environment and balance nature. im sure some will disagree but that's just from my own experience.

For me, i'd go with prime over brighty k. When it comes to dosing, read up on dry ferts, its cheaper. As far as keeping the water clear and plants green, water is easy to keep clear. Have sufficient filtration, feed sparingly, reg water changes ect. For the keeping of the plants green, that's why this forums exist. DO NOT get discourage if anything goes wrong. There's many of us on here struggling with keeping the plants green and not have an algae infested aquarium.

From that list you posted, not sure if you've purchased a light yet but i didnt see you list it =).
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