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Originally Posted by PlantedRich View Post
A good deal and a very good filter. I have three 2217 and really have only one small item to change. I like to keep the loose media (macaroni and rocks?) in mesh bags so that they are easy to rinse out in a bucket of tank water. Newer designs have trays for the media.
How much filter is enough? Very much a personal item. I kept and bred about ten different African types and a single 2217 worked fine for me on my 75's. When I started adding plants, I saw no reason for more filtering. The plants were added to help use up some nitrate and it all seemed okay for me.
When I fell into a CO2 system, I moved it and the 2217 to a 125. I then added a 2075 to that tank.
Do you get enough mechanical filtering to keep the water clear?
Do you get enough bio filtering to keep all ammonia processed without overworking you and your water changing?
Do you have enough circulation to suit your taste?

If you answer yes to all those, what more can a filter do other than make more noise?
I try to keep things simple.
I recently put a 2217 on a 55. Bought it at an auction. The seller told me he had it on a 90 gallon tank. It's great on a 55 (probably overkill), and I think it would be enough for most 75s, but PlantedRich points out the factors to consider.
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