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Go to the LFS in your area and get some used filter media and add it to your filter. This will speed up the cycle a lot!

You mentioned "bacteria bloom". Do you mean algae?
Are you cycling with plants or not? If no plants and you are running lights -turn them off, bacteria doesn't need lights to populate. If with plants, decrease the light period.

Originally Posted by plantastic37 View Post
So I have started. On day two now. I am using DrTim's One and Only product which is supposed to have nitrospira.

Unfortunately here on Day two and I seem to have a bacteria bloom. Very, Very weird. I do not think it is the gravel as it was prerinced and tank was fine for a few days after initial setup.

Anyway I used almost half a new bottle of DrTim's per recommendation from elsewhere now questioning if that is good advice.

Got it up to 4ppm Ammonia yesterday after dosing DrTim's no trouble. This morning reading was 0.25. Brought it back up to 4ppm today.
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