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Originally Posted by exv152 View Post
Just a heads up. I also bought a Dici regulator back in January and I noticed another problem. At night when the solenoid went off, the working pressure slowly began going up from 35 psi, all the way to almost 100 psi. Another guy in Toronto who had the same issue but his went as high as 60 psi. I ended up removing the regulator on the advice of several people aquarium and gas people, and the thing's been sitting on a shelf ever since. Something you want to keep an eye out for.
That would be me. I got a thread on it somewhere here. I also been advise by numerous people not to toy around with something such as a Co2 tank. I really hope you don't either, 80 dollars is not worth the trouble of something going wrong. The very name of the product implies that the pressure should not change that much - it's a "regulator" isn't it?

I brought a Aquatic Life regulator and it been stable with a preset PSI, I think any of the choices of "Aquatek, GLA, etc" will be fine. I think DarkBlade is also making some Dual Stage regulator so you might ask him how much.

Hey exv152, the solenoid and Gauges might be still useable, don't toss that thing out yet :P The seal is pretty strong and you need a vice grip but sometimes with inferior products they can break easy. The solenoid is easy to take off, we also have the bubble counter. Not a total loss I guess

What are you using now?

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