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Originally Posted by hotrodprincess View Post
I am very new to aquariums I have tree types of moss in our tank. I noticed this week that there was a few pieces of verry fine strings hanging from some of the moss. I am talking thinner than sewing thread. I think it is green I couldn't get a picture of it because its so fine. Its a low tec 10 gal tank only has a betta in it right now. The light is just a basic florescent light nothing fancy. Its on from about 9 in the morning tell about 5 ish at night when the kids feed the fish. I have removed the strings as I have found them they pull off easily. What can i do to deter them from getting worse. Would shrimp or something help ? I would hate to see if over take our tank our moss is starting to grow good.
It really sounds like you have a "Thread Algae" problem. If you have other plants in the tank, it should out compete this strain of algae, some fishes eat them but not all.

Check out this page and see if thread algae matches what you have in your tank! Good luck!
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