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I like the idea of an aquarium "controller" per se, but I don't like the idea of tying in too many controls to one micro-controller. I would rather have a system that is comprised of "slave control modules"( each w/ it's own programming, that run stand alone and merely report their status to a main display), than a system of centralized control. Having all your functions tied in to a central controller sounds great until something malfunctions. Then your forced to take the entire system offline for repairs. The module based approach gets around this potential pit fall, because each module operates independent of a centralized controller, and can be repaired without having to take the entire system offline to do so. You could incorporate the CO2 sensor into a "stand alone- Ph control module" that reports it's status and receives commands from a central controller via the I2C communication protocol. Software could be written to allow the module to operate independently but with certain fail safes included to prevent unwanted malfunction.

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