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Originally Posted by wkndracer View Post
GH, KH, TDS and temperature all being close values ignore pH shifts and transfer the fish.

As long as the temperature is matched I routinely swap fish with a flip of the net between tanks with 5.9/6.2pH and 7.4/7.6pH.
Temps the same, the TDS is very close and fish don't care about pH differences in any experience I've had here. Shifts (rapid swings or changes) in GH, KH, TDS and the resultant osmotic pressure that's the yada yada that causes our critters issues not pH changes per say.

Tank looks like a great start.
Thanks for the kind words and advice. I haven't switched the ish yet cause the temp is 71-73 and the high tech tank is 79-80 stable. Will be purchasing a heater today. Also any input on cleaning crew? I plan on putting 4-5 Cory's 2-4 angels 3 rams and some apicograma. Might be a little full but think some sae's or a [censored][censored][censored][censored]load of ottos will do the trick
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