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Eheim 2217 with 75g tank

Hey guys, I am sure you all have seen a lot of my recent threads about me getting ready to convert my African Cichlid 75g to a planted tank. And I really do appreciate the help you all have given me. Sadly here comes another question . It is just a lot different going from a 15g to a 75 gallon xD.

Currently on my 75 I have a fluval 305, and 2 AC 110s as filtration. After some thought, I decided I did not want the AC 110s on the tank when it becomes planted. Just dont want to look at em anymore . So I impulse bought an Eheim 2217 brand new in factory sealed box on sale for $115 bucks. I just diddnt want to pass up that good of a deal .

Would you all think that a Fluval 305 and an Eheim 2217 would be enough for a planted tank? The only thing that is for sure going to be in my stocking list is Blue Rams ( if the tank can accommodate it, I would like to get 1 male and 1 female ). If you think it would be better to have all 4 filters running, I could do that as well . Any advice or opinions on the matter? All is welcome

Also does anyone have experience with Eheims? Particularly the 2217? From reviews people call them the "Cadillac" of canister filters. Thanks

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