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HELLO!!! :) How long to leave the lights on???

Hello everyone!! I am extremely excited to get back into the hobby but things have changed quite a bit in the last 10 years

I have decided to start relatively small and purchased a 20 gallon tall tank and a ray 2 24" led light. I purchased uniform sand from the petco (I realize know that I should have read about substrates and things like that) it looks great but I know I am going to have to add nutrients for the plants. I am still not sure what plants I am going to do but definitely some ferns and grasses. . I still just have a HOB filter that came with the tank but would like to upgrade to a canister with an inline heater.

So to my main question:

With this new lighting setup how long should I leave the lights on? I have been reading and reading about PAR and light and really haven't seen anything on the length of time that I need to leave them on.

Any suggestions about CO2. do I need it? whats the best diffuser? when going with a canister how much do I need to worry about Flow? I have a million questions . Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and I will try to keep my posts shorter from now on.
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