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Originally Posted by rockwood View Post
houseofcards - What are your suggestions then? Not trying to start a flame war on here, I'm just looking for suggestions. I feel like I've been "towing the line" as far as what to do as a standard guide, but something is off. I think it is beneficial to the community to start looking at ideas and systematically working through them to see what has a serious effect on BBA's ability to grow.

So for now, I've cut my lighting period back and adjusted the "lead in" time for CO2 before lights kick on. When I was doing my 50% WC this week I cut/scraped/trimmed as much BBA out as I could so I can monitor the growth over this week.

Pending results of the changes thus far what would be the most logical next step?
The idea is that you can't relate every tank that has BBA to not enough Co2 in relation to light. No flame wars, I just don't agree with that type of blanket statement, my opinion. Your tank is relatively young, more than likely your BBA issues developed early. Of course light is part of it, but other factors can be equally and sometimes even more important. At startup did you have a lot of plant mass, did you use carbon or other layers of organic absorbent to assist with organic removal before the plants and/or biofilter matured. Did you do regular water changes and cut back on the light duration. Did you use mulm from an established tank to get the biofilter going. If you did all those things, your changes of a clean take 2-4 months out greatly improve IMO. At this point I think your doing the right things. I would personally use carbon/purigen, cut back on light duration and keep up with regular water changes. I would be surprised if your situation doesn't improve.
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