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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
NeonR..... Thanks for mentioning the alum! Never would have considered using it, but I'll give it a test run next time if I can find some in the spice section. I know there's trace amounts of alum in my baking powder.

Personally, I don't mind snails since my fish like to HUNT them.

I use potassium permanganate for oxidizing/cleaning plants of other destructive critters. I have several lbs of (KMnO4) now.
Not a problem. I just started using it so I wanted to share my experience with others hoping somebody else might be able to benefit from it as well. There are trace amounts of alum in baking powder, but probably not enough to be effective for this application.

You are lucky to have fish that hunt for snails. I am anti-snails with my tanks with fish that don't eat them. I love plants, so they'll probably never go away, but I can finally start setting up new snail-free tanks this way.

I've always been interested in potassium permanganate, but just never got around to ordering any up. It was so much easier to just go to the grocery store and pay $2 for a small container of Alum.
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