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Thanks Diana!

I am looking at purchasing a 5g chi off of Kijiji, and the lady has emptied to prepare for sale. I have asked to add some water so that I can make sure there are no leaks or cracks, and am most likely going to change the filter and the lighting system. I love the shape of the tank but I have not heard great things about the standard equipment that comes along with this.

Sherman the betta is liking his little tank, so he will stay there until the new tank is up and running which I think will probably be some time from now. I would like to plant this tank and run it non co2 low light so will probably start to look for the appropriate equipment. If anyone can recommend a filter and light that goes along with this, that would be very much appreciated.

I have some what of an idea of plants I should be using, or at leas have access to where I can find that list in this forum.

I just have to figure out the subtrate and where to get the plants I would like to grow and I am ready to start setting this up.

I am guessing it will be 6 weeks or so until I add water and fish? Again, any recommendation to an appropriate filter and lighting system for a 5g chi for low tech non co2 would be appreciated! I can't wait to play show and tell!
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