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Here is what I'd recommend from Petco for a cooler-water set-up:

If they have those plants in tubes, there are a few good choices. All of the Anubias that I've gotten there have done really well for me. I grow them both fully submerged and with just the roots under water. They also have some nice java ferns that will probably die back but then sprout new leaves. The water wisteria has done really well, too, though you'll probably have to wait a bit for it to transition from emersed to submersed forms.

For terrestrial plants (that don't mind being really wet), you can try the Bolbitis heteroclita - also in tubes. It never worked well for me as an aquatic plant, but I have it growing in my swampy paludarium on land. Just make sure you separate the stems when you take it out of the package.

Honestly, the little plastic-baggie-packaged crypts have grown really well for me, too. You get a lot of tiny ones for a pretty good price.
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