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If you're going to sell in person.......

Meet interested buyers @ the nearest coffee/pizza shop.

If someone approached me randomly on the street, I would be wary of buying little neon colored shrimp. (The shrimp in the 1st photo looked like they were dipped in food coloring.) $10 I would definitely buy it, just prefer to have some notice ahead of time so I had a appropriate tank setup for them.

See if you can team up with another member that's close by. There's got to be a Philadelphia fish keeping club with some members who are experienced shippers.

Everyone in Philly can't be eating cheesesteaks, scrapple & pretzels all day long.

Too bad you're 7 hours drive from me, otherwise I would help you set something up in exchange for a sampler pack of your armored critters.

Other than that, gorgeous fish/shrimp room!!!
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