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Soooo, I have had some algae issues with this tank - my pennywort was FULL of it, the leaves are still a bit messed from it, but today I took out all of it and rinsed it down and actually thined it out because that stuff really grew!

I also put in a part of a window insect screen over the bulb within the shroud of my light to cut down a bit on its power to help against the algae... also I am going to reduce my light on time per day - but I am hoping my dosing of flourish excel here in a few days when I get it in the mail helps as well.

But of course when I get it stocked I will be able to control it better - that said...

I am scratching the betta plan and going with a CRS colony. I would also like to get a 3-5 chilli rasboras. What do you guys think about that? Could I house some of those guys? I always do frequent water changes (well at least on my cycled 5 gallon tank, minimum of 2 a week usually lol).

Finaaaally, I have some manzanita driftwood coming and I plan to minorly adjust my scape and get a nice branch cluster of manzanita in the tank that I plan to attach my anubias petite to (as well as two more rhizomes coming in the mail as well as some fissidens)

So yeah, I guess I can't stop tinkering.


you can see the ludwigia basically needs a trim already!

I guess I'm not surprised that pond snails have hitchhiked into the tank but I am also surprised they have been surviving the water chemistry! However now the ammonia is actually almost 0ppm, nitrites 0ppm, and the nitrates are real high (so I guess the cycle is real on its way )

thanks for readin
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